Metal Processors is the authorised Aurubis Copper supplier in Ireland.

Copper is a beautiful, natural material which is well suited to the demands of modern architecture while retaining a timeless quality.

Copper is an ideal building material for both exteriors and interiors of buildings. It is low maintenance, durable and environmentally friendly. Copper complements glass, stone, wood & brick. Its versatility makes it the ideal component for all types of building projects.

The natural ageing process of copper, where the colour changes from bright copper to chestnut colour to dark brown and finally to green, can offer an architect a changing aspect to their project when used as a copper standing seam roof or as a copper cladding or copper rain screen system.

Metal Processors supply Aurubis copper in a range of colours from bright classic copper to the Nordic copper range which includes Nordic Brown, Nordic Green, Nordic Blue, Nordic Brass, Nordic Royal & Nordic Decor.

We supply soft temper 6mm copper for traditional copper roofing and valleys and .6mm & .7mm Half Hard temper copper for standing-seam systems. We also supply copper rainwater systems which include copper gutters and downpipes in both half round and box profiles.

Metal Processors offer full design assistance in the specification of copper roofing & copper cladding.

Type of Finishes


Structure-rolled Nordic Decor™ offers an attractive, versatile alternative to smooth copper surfaces. In interior design, Nordic Decor’s texture can be used to create a striking effect.


Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. The original colour of reddish brown will change in time to dark brown, and also green patina spots may occur.  However, the oxidation process is slower than with traditional copper.


Nordic Brass (CuZn20/15) is an alloy of copper and zinc, better known as Tombak. The original golden surface will change to dark brown when exposed as per other copper alloys, with the exception of Nordic Royal.


Nordic Blue prepatinated product gives the appearance of naturally weathered facades and roofs typical to southern mediterranian countries.  The Nordic Blue surface is an even blue similar to a fully developed patina.


Initially copper has a bright red surface, which gradually turns to shades of brown and green when exposed to the environment. This may take tens of years.


The Nordic Green PLUS Prepatinated product gives the appearance of naturally weathered facades and roofs. The traditional surface is an even green, similar to a fully developed patina. The living surface has a more mottled and lively pattern representing an early stage of patination.


Nordic Royal is a glamorous new golden alloy. The alloy is a successful mix of copper and aluminium, which gives the metal its characteristic golden colour.