Rolled Sheet Lead is the traditional roofing material of choice in the Irish Market. This is due to its long lasting weather proofing performance when used as either a wide sheet roofing material or as a flashing around Chimneys, Roof Valleys, Dormer Windows, Parapet Walls and Hips & Ridges.

We are proud of our long history of quality Lead manufacturing in Ireland and have been producing quality Lead Products for the Irish market for over 200 years. We produce a range of thickness from Code 3 (1.32mm thick) to Code 10 (4.48mm thick) in standard widths from 100mm to 2400mm. Our lead is manufactured to the Highest European/Irish Standard for Building ISEN:12588:2006 in an ISO 14001 IPPC licensed EPA approved facility

These manufacturing standards give confidence to both Architects and end users that the lead in their applications is of a uniform thickness and consistency across the sheet of lead to ensure long lasting weather proofing performance. Metal Processors also offer a full technical service to assist Architects & Contractors in all aspects of Lead Application.


Interesting Facts about Lead

Lead Sheet has been in use as a building material for Centuries.

Lead Sheet adorns the roofs of churches, offices, factories, public buildings and homes because of its ease of use, durability and the pleasing grey colour of its protective patina.

Lead Sheet is easily shaped, is long lasting and flexible in all weather conditions.

Lead Sheet is easy to install and will out-perform other building materials, if the rules of good practice are followed.

Lead is 100% recyclable time after time. Over 1,000,000 tonnes have been used in roofing since 1995.

Lead is a natural metal - the Earth’s crust contains an estimated 290 million tonnes of it.

Melting point - 327.4ºC  / Atomic weight - 207.2 / Atomic number - 82 /  Density - 11.34g/cm3
Co-efficient/linear expansion - 0.0000297 per ºC